July 4, 2023 – Samara

Today we headed to Costa Rica’s “gold” coast. I am not sure, but the so-called gold coast maybe further North than we are. Nonetheless, we are in a town on the Pacific coast that seems to be pretty popular with tourists. We decided to take the road that hugged the coast to get here instead of the more direct route. That ended up being quite the challenge as the road was in terrible shape and we crawled along at 20km/hr at the most. For those who laughed at my previous river crossing through 4 inches of water, we did a much more serious one today. Right up to the running boards and the water was actually flowing at a decent speed. Needless to say, we didn’t get eaten by a crocodile.

July 6, 2023 – Santa Teresa Beach

Today we moved a little further down the coast. We both think getting here ranked equally to our biggest adventures so far. We crossed six rivers and one of them we actually hired a young gentleman who lives next to it to help us navigate across and teach us how to properly cross a river. This was another step for our Overlander badge. Our instructor stood on the running board of Lucy as we crossed to give us instructions and sometimes take the wheel. So if you haven’t been impressed with my river crossings so far, then crossing the Bongo hit the limit of what I am willing to try, so this is as good as it gets. It was a low range, make sure you keep moving crossing. The water was about 3″ above the bottom of the doors. A tiny bit leaked inside. We were both pretty pumped when we got to Santa Teresa Beach because we are getting hooked on these 4×4 adventures. We stopped at a great restaurant for lunch that was literally in the middle of nowhere.

Cheers, Chris

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