June 15, 2023 – Las Lisas

We are just finishing 3 nights/2 days on an island off the Pacific coast of Guatemala. There are no cars on the island and you have to park in Las Lisas, then take a boat to your hotel. It has been hot and humid, but since we are in a grass hut with a good fan we have been comfortable. I took some long walks on the beach in the early morning before it got too hot. The rest of the day was spent in a hammock reading books and listening to the surf. We also got to witness baby turtles getting released into the ocean. The eco-hotel we are staying at has a fantastic cook and we have had some fine authentic Guatemalan home cooking.

June 16, 2023 – Back to Antigua

I have an ear infection that started in San Pedro La Laguna but mostly cleared itself up after some home remedy Peroxide treatments. However, while at our eco-hotel, it blew back up again. So, today we went back to Antigua to see the doctor that Sue saw. He prescribed some ear drops, and tomorrow we go to El Salvador.

Cheers, Chris

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